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Leave bandage on for two hours immediately following application of tattoo.  Remove bandage and wash entire tattooed area with antibacterial soap and cold water with clean hands.  Pat dry with a paper towel.

With freshly washed hands, apply a very thin layer of fragrance-free lotion such as Palmer's, Eucerin or Lubriderm three to four times daily.  Continue for at least two weeks.

Absolutely NO SUN or tanning for two weeks.

No prolonged water submersion (i.e. swimming pools, baths, hot tubs, etc.) for two weeks.  Over-soaking will damage your new tattoo.

Slight scabbing may occur, lasting five to seven days.  Once the tattoo starts to peel, DO NOT PICK.  Skin will self-exfoliate for about a week after any scabs fall off.

NEVER SCRATCH.  Slapping tattoos lightly will relieve itching.

Seek medical attention if you infect your tattoo or do not think it is healing properly.

Voodoo Tattoo Studio recommends sun-block with SPF 30 or more.  This will help your tattoo stay bright and healthy for years to come.