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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & "Tattoo Virgin" Advice:

QUESTION:  Can a minor be tattooed?  ANSWER:  No.  As of July 1, 2010, the State of Minnesota has changed the law: minors can no longer be tattooed, even with the permission/consent of a parent/guardian.  There are no exceptions to this law.

QUESTION:  Is there information available from the State of Minnesota concerning tattoo laws and can I get it?  ANSWER:  Yes!  Here's a link for a brochure from the Minnesota Department of Health:  http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/hpsc/hop/tattoo/babrochure.pdf 

QUESTION:  Do I need an appointment?  ANSWER:  No, Walk-Ins are always welcome!

QUESTION:  Can I make an appointment?  ANSWER:  Yes!  If there is a specific time/date you'd like to come in, we recommend you make an appointment at least two weeks in advance.

QUESTION:  Do I need to bring anything?  ANSWER:  Yes!  Current state-issued identification.  This is required by law and we make no exceptions.

QUESTION:  I already have the image I want tattooed - what's the quickest way to get it done?  ANSWER:  Bring in a printed copy of the image or email it in advance to voodootattoostudio@hotmail.com   Having a picture on your phone instead of printed will delay the process.

QUESTION:  Do I need an appointment for a consultation?  ANSWER:  No.  Our artists are happy to answer your questions and talk about your tattoo anytime.  You may also feel free to email or call.

QUESTION:  What is the cost to have an artist create a design for me?  ANSWER:  There is no cost, however, a deposit must be made in order to have the design emailed or taken out of the studio.  The deposit is non-refundable but is deducted from the price of your tattoo at the time of your appointment.

QUESTION:  How can I make a deposit for a design and how much does it cost?  ANSWER:  A deposit for a design is a minimum of $50 (the artist may decide it must be more).  Deposit payments are accepted at the studio only.

QUESTION:  What forms of payment are accepted?  ANSWER:  Cash Only, no exceptions.

QUESTION:  Do you charge by the hour or by the design?  ANSWER:  Both - it will depend upon several factors which include the complexity of the design and the placement of the tattoo on the body.  We're happy to provide price estimates/ranges.

QUESTION:  How do I get a price estimate/range?  ANSWER:  Provide us (by phone, in person or via email - NOT FACEBOOK) with design details including measurements (height x width, in inches) and body placement.  If you've requested a custom design, our artists can give a price estimate once the design has been completed.

QUESTION:  This will be my first tattoo - what should I do to prepare?  ANSWER:  Great question Tattoo Virgin!  See below for a section dedicated especially to you.  Ideally, all clients would arrive for their appointment sober, well-rested, and having eaten within the previous two hours.

QUESTION:  How do I take care of my new tattoo?  ANSWER:  Follow our Care Instructions exactly.  Most problems healing arise from improper follow-up care (using the wrong lotion, too much lotion, too little lotion, sun exposure, water exposure, using dirty hands to apply lotion...).  Even if this isn't your first tattoo, we urge you to disregard any previous instructions for healing you've received.  Our guarantees are not applicable to your tattoo if it is obvious you did not follow instructions.

QUESTION:  What is your policy for touch-ups?  ANSWER:  Voodoo Tattoo Studio guarantees each tattoo for one touch-up within a six month period.  Calloused areas which exfoliate skin dramatically such as hands, wrists, elbows, knees and feet may not hold ink permanently and thus do not fall under our guarantee.  Voodoo Tattoo Studio reserves the right to charge for touch-ups or re-colors if evidence suggests improper care of the tattoo during healing or thereafter.

QUESTION:  What if I have a question that hasn't been answered here?  ANSWER:  Email, call or stop by the studio!  We're always happy to answer your questions!

QUESTION:  I have sent you a message on Facebook & you didn't reply - what's with that???  ANSWER:  Facebook is glitchy and we haven't been able to access to our messages ever.  Please email instead!  voodootattoostudio@hotmail.com  


A Special Note to Tattoo Virgins!  (from Suzie, Business Manager)

I've answered hundreds of emails/questions over the last seven years, often from "tattoo virgins" requesting information about having a custom design created, many times expressing nervousness about what to expect from the experience.  As someone who was never going to get a tattoo (!), I can easily relate to their concerns and fears.

It's hard to be a tattoo virgin!  In my case, as a child I was taught to fear and judge tattooed people.  As an adult, I now understand that's discrimination, dare I say, even bigotry.  Beyond overcoming any residual social stigma, deciding exactly what to get (forever), where to place it on the body, then dealing with the pain & properly healing your new tattoo are each their own obstacles.

Every week we welcome tattoo virgins to our studio.  Stop by, give us a call at the studio (763-262-9898), or email (voodootattoostudio@hotmail.com ) and we'll get you started on your way.  Lex, Michelle and I are very experienced at guiding the way: explaining your options, answering your questions, and consulting with you until you are comfortable and ready, even excited!

Now don't say I didn't warn you, tattoo virgin: if you're anything like me (or most of our loyal clients), you will become addicted!  The grass really is greener over here!  We came, we saw, we conquered!  I salute you & us all, for at one time or another we were all "tattoo virgins", wondering what life was like on the wild side...

See ya soon!  xoxo Suzie