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Profile & Portfolio

ARTIST PROFILE:  Michelle Jorgensen

    Michelle Jorgensen, co-owner of VOODOO TATTOO STUDIO in Big Lake, MN, is an accomplished multi-media artist and a prodigy in the tattoo industry.  Despite her youth, her technical prowess and distinctive style have won over the clients of many more experienced artists.

     Loaded with attitude and ambiance, Michelle's creepy yet glamorous artistic aesthetic adorns the walls of Voodoo Tattoo Studio, from hand-painted walls and custom-designed furnishings to original paintings.  Blending a rock n roll sensibility with a love of all things spooky, Michelle's style has generated word-of-mouth buzz and quite a substantial following.

     Inspired by traditional, old-school tattoo art, Michelle enjoys designing and tattooing color-intensive custom pieces.  Her range of design expertise is wide, however, from extremely feminine and girly to hard-core rock and roll or punk.  Flowers, Sugar Skulls and Pin-Ups are particular favorites of Michelle's to tattoo, though her talent is easily recognizable in everything she does.

     Michelle's stunning tattoo portfolio exhibits her extreme diversity, each piece executed with style and precision.  With a growing reputation for meticulous and fine-line work, Michelle's reputation in the tattoo industry is rapidly gaining momentum with no limit in sight.

     Like Michelle on Facebook!  Here's a link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michelle-at-Voodoo-Tattoo-Studio/103145513101

     Check out a sampling of Michelle's portfolio below!